Review: Amy Burke

  • "This is a real dojo for those searching for a true home to learn martial arts. When I say real I mean a serious environment, not gimmicky, where the lessons are aimed towards self defense and the Sensei is an actual teacher, not one past their prime who wears their belt for looks. I mean no disrespect towards other teachers but there are those who rely on belt color more so than fitness to gain respect. Here, Sensei Roberto is a classic master: he teaches the classes himself, there is no contract, there is no testing fee, and they use no pads, head gear or gloves in their practice -- it's the real deal. But don't get me wrong. Although this school is mature and most students here are upper belts, they are a convivial crowd with warmth and true appreciation for each other. They welcomed me immediately and were great hosts to all that joined after. They have plenty to pull rank for but no one does. That is because Sensai doesn't. He is open and approachable and earnestly just wants to teach karate. Okinawan style rocks, btw. You'll get an immediate sense of all this upon your first class and then you'll know like me."