State Department’s Briefing on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Follow this link for State Department Medical Unit’s outstanding briefing for US Embassies and Consulates on the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Link to Coronavirus presentation We will continue to take measures in the Dojo to reduce possible contagion and will update you often. We are concerned about your self defense safety Read More

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Cold, Flu & Coronavirus Prevention in the Dojo While at the Doctor’s office last week, the reception area was packed with people with cold and flu symptoms. I have never seen it so bad.  According to news reports, the Coronavirus will spread.    We all need to take measures to reduce contagion possibilities in the Read More

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Okinawan Karate Alexandria: Pinan Karate Katas Anko Itosu reportedly developed the five Pinan Katas (called Heinan in Shotokan and other Japanese styles) prevalent in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate to teach appropriate Karate techniques to school children. Many claim these katas derived from a now lost Channan kata. Yet others think many of the moves were Read More

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When Will I Learn Enough So I Can Quit Taking Karate Classes? How Long Do I Have to Study Karate Before I Can Defend Myself? If I Get a Karate Black Belt Can I Defense Myself? Why Do You Study Karate for So Long? ………You Must Not Be Very Good If You Have to Keep Read More