Beikoku Shidokan Symbol

How We Protect You from Covid-19 during Classes: 1. We will look at the Governor’s guidelines for gym openings and follow them strictly.     Right now that entails non-contact social distancing Outdoor Classes that begin Mid-June. 2. We will continue with Zoom classes from the dojo for overseas folks and those that are tied Read More

Beikoku Shidokan Symbol

  Virginia Dojo A Brief History Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu Karate When my instructor, Seikichi Iha, was awarded his 10th Dan in 2001 he named his dojo (school) Beikoku Shidokan. Beikoku meaning American. Shidokan was the name of his instructor, Katsuya Miyahira, who gave his world-famous dojo in Okinawa. There are more Shidokan Dojos in Read More

How to Train when The Dojo is Closed!

How Do You Practice Karate When the Dojo is Closed?   Great question Grasshopper! After starting training with Sensei Iha I suffered (?) through 4 overseas diplomatic assignments. That did not stop my karate training though as I found innovative places, people, and ways to train. You can do the same. (Pressed for time? Skip Read More

Okinawan Karate Dojo

Beer Virus State of Emergency Impact on Hombu Karate Dojo You may have read/seen/heard that Mighigan’s Governor declared a State of Emergency because of the Beer Virus. (Translated as Coronavirus  or Covid-19) Sensei Iha (88 years old) just returned to Lansing by plane from Okinawa last week with 10 masked and coughing Chinese who had Read More