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How to Practice Karate in Alexandria During the Pandemic

Even under needed Pandemic restrictions, we can still practice Karate in Alexandria without fear of virus contagion. While we can’t get uncomfortably close to punch, kick, and block each other given the 10′ social distancing guidelines we can still practice karate and improve our skills. This also means we won’t unknowingly block a fist or foot with our face either!

We hold karate classes outdoors in a parking lot. Everyone wears a mask and maintains a 10′ distance from other karate class members. With the change of hour, it gets dark much sooner yet luckily we have outstanding lighting in our parking lot. It is cold, too. Until you start moving during karate class then everyone begins shedding jackets to work out only in their karate gis (uniforms). When it rains we do remote classes.

We also screen all classes via Zoom for members to join remotely! We also have a few additional remote classes available. Remote classes also permit our members in Ireland and Colombia to join in classes.

Karate Dojo- Learn to Use your Kata against attacks.

Whether outdoors or on-line through remote classes, we can practice, correct and improve kata (programmed movements), kumite (partner drills) and bunkai (performing kata while others attack you).

These two options work surprisingly well.  Try a Free Week of Classes to prove to yourself! You don’t have to sit on the sofa eating potato chips contemplating your expanding belly.


Kiyoshi, 8th Dan, Virginia Dojo


Roberto is an 8th Dan, Kyoshi, Karate Master, awarded by Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu. Roberto began his martial arts journey in 1969 and started training with Sensei Iha in 1979.  He continues to train with Sensei Iha and is now one of Iha’s senior students.


Roberto focuses on teaching proven-effective adult-focused self defense karate at the Virginia Dojo in Alexandria VA. Many call the Virginia Okinawan Karate Dojo the Martial Arts Grad School because Roberto teaches proven effective often brutal, pressure points, joint locks and grappling applications that Sensei Iha taught him during 40+ years of instruction. While the applications may be brutal we ensure classes are both safe and fun.  See examples of traditional Kata, Kumite, & Bunkai here.

Roberto is a member of the Mid-West Beikoku Shidokan Karate Black Belt Promotion Board and the National Black Belt Promotion Board. Among his numerous awards are:

“Best Martial Arts Teachers in Alexandria” 2020:

“Best Martial Arts Teacher in Washington, DC” in 2017;

“Best Martial Arts in Washington, DC” 2018;

“Best Martial Arts in Alexandria” 2019; and “Best of” in 2018 and 2019

Virginia Dojo, 6416 Grovedale Dr., #302-B, Alexandria, VA 22310