pinan Shodan

Literary Meaning Pervasively used in Beikoku Shidokan as Kata Japanese word for shape/model/form, used for prearranged sequences with moves For practicing structured curriculum; used for identifying prearranged sequences of moves. Sensei Iha’s teaching, “Kata is the foundational form by which the body develops proper posture, breathing, balance, flexibility, and unified muscle/tendon/hip control for maximum power.” Read More

Sensei Iha, Mark and Roberto

  This year’s Beikoku Shidokan National Training Seminar will be held July 31 and August 1. Normally, NTS is held in Lansing, Michigan. This year Sensei Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, will hold a virtual seminar so you can attend from your home! Sensei Masatoshi Miyazato, 10th Dan, from Argentina will also attend! Each day will Read More

Beikoku Shidokan Symbol

How We Protect You from Covid-19 during Classes: 1. We will look at the Governor’s guidelines for gym openings and follow them strictly.     Right now that entails non-contact social distancing Outdoor Classes that begin Mid-June. 2. We will continue with Zoom classes from the dojo for overseas folks and those that are tied Read More

Here are some Japanese words used in the dojo: Kiyoski (Attention) at the beginning and end of class. (Note: Kowalski is a Polish Sausage Company!) Seiza (formal kneeling posture) Sensei ni Rei (bow to Sensei) or Rei (bow) Onegaishimasu (Please or do me the favor) at the beginning of class or when you bow to another Read More