* The Kanji on our left Chest: This spells out Shidokan means “Warrior Way”, “Right Way”, “Heart Way” or “Gentleman’s Way”. One Japanese woman recently told me it meant Samurai Way. My preferred includes the complete exoteric meanings: Warrior Path. See https://virginiadojo.com/2020-alexandria-self-defense-karate-warrior-path/ The first character reads “Shi” interpreted as Heart, Central, Correct, Gentleman, Warrior or Read More

Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu Karate of the Kobayashi lineage Wait! What? What does all this mean? How can I explain what I do without just saying I practice “karaddy”? You practice Shidokan Shorin Ryu Karate of the Kobayashi lineage. Most simply: Shidokan refers to Miyahira’s school. Shorin Ryu refers to Itosu’s style of Karate. Kobayashi Read More

Who is who in Shidokan? Remember Shidokan is MIyahira’s Dojo. Nakazato led Shorinkan, Higa led Kyudokan, Uema led Shubukan(?), Ishikawa had his own dojo. Shinzato led Shinshukan in Brazil and Argentina (mostly senior students who left Miyazato). See note at bottom of page The Shidokan Dojo Leader Board (picture below taken 3/6/2017 at Miyahira’s Dojo) Read More

Hirakazu (Koichi) Nakasone, 9th Dan, Ryukyu Kingdom Sui-di Bujutsu, Sensei Iha’s student, explains that Gusukuma Sensei was a high school teacher and that teachers were given a special honorific title. Gusukuma Sensei was a very intelligent person who understood a lot of bunkai (applications). Nakasone Sensei once asked Iha Sensei why Gusukuma Sensei knew so Read More

Essential Teachings of Shidokan Karatedo The following are some essential teachings of our Shidokan heritage from Choshin Chibana, Shinpan Gusukuma, Katsuya Miyahira, and Seikichi Iha. Choshin Chibana: Don’t show (off) your abilities or intention. Be modest in behavior (kenkyo) and natural in movement (shizentai). Meaning: True karateka do not announce themselves, but remain in a Read More