Demon Hands Buddha Heart

Demon Hands Buddha Heart in Alexandria Karate Dojo   I took a picture of this scroll in Sensei Katsuya Miyahria’s dojo when I visited in 2018. I had seen it in old pictures of movies from his dojo but I didn’t know what was written on it.  Before visiting the dojo I starting looking up Read More

Shin no Chie

The nice thing about training with someone with decades of experience is that they have already asked that dumb question burning in your mind. I am still astounded and shudder at the arrogance of some of the questions I asked Sensei Iha decades ago.  I suspect in another 10 years or so I will look Read More

adult martial arts class

Accept Your Fear or Nervousness to Improve Your Karate Performance It is your big day for karate promotion. You have trained long and hard for this and are really nervous. You have done your kata hundreds of times, you practiced kumite and bunkai. Your knees are shaking, your teeth are chattering, Your heart is racing Read More

Womens martial arts Karate Virginia

Doing Karate Kata on Your Own Improves Application Understanding Here are Ways to Improve Your Kata Performance & Understanding Doing Karate Kata over and over trying to improve it each time quickly gets boring as performance improvement dramatically falls off.  Here are some general ways to do kata once you understand the basic embusen (form). Read More

Bunkai in dojo

Injuries and Karate Training Eventually, we get injured. Usually, from working in the garden, falling off a chair or ladder at home, falling on the trampoline, twisting an ankle while ice skating, lifting something, etc. Now and then we pull a muscle, or hit the makiwara too hard for too long. Generally, your injury is Read More