Hirakazu (Koichi) Nakasone, 9th Dan, Ryukyu Kingdom Sui-di Bujutsu, Sensei Iha’s student, explains that Gusukuma Sensei was a high school teacher and that teachers were given a special honorific title. Gusukuma Sensei was a very intelligent person who understood a lot of bunkai (applications). Nakasone Sensei once asked Iha Sensei why Gusukuma Sensei knew so Read More

Essential Teachings of Shidokan Karatedo The following are some essential teachings of our Shidokan heritage from Choshin Chibana, Shinpan Gusukuma, Katsuya Miyahira, and Seikichi Iha. Choshin Chibana: Don’t show (off) your abilities or intention. Be modest in behavior (kenkyo) and natural in movement (shizentai). Meaning: True karateka do not announce themselves, but remain in a Read More

Beikoku Shidokan Symbol

  Virginia Dojo A Brief History Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu Karate When my instructor, Seikichi Iha, was awarded his 10th Dan in 2001 he named his dojo (school) Beikoku Shidokan. Beikoku meaning American. Shidokan was the name of his instructor, Katsuya Miyahira, who gave his world-famous dojo in Okinawa. There are more Shidokan Dojos in Read More

kihon jutsu gyaku

  Grand Master Seikichi Iha’s first instructor the infamous Shinpan Gusukuma outlined the three foundational principles of karate as kata, jutsu, and gyaku. Without all three, the martial application is lost. Kata is the foundational form by which the body develops proper posture, breathing, balance, flexibility, and unified muscle/tendon/hip control for maximum outpower. Jutsu encompasses Read More

How to Train when The Dojo is Closed!

How Do You Practice Karate When the Dojo is Closed?   Great question Grasshopper! After starting training with Sensei Iha I suffered (?) through 4 overseas diplomatic assignments. That did not stop my karate training though as I found innovative places, people, and ways to train. You can do the same. (Pressed for time? Skip Read More