Beikoku Shidokan Symbol

How We Protect You from Covid-19 during Classes: 1. We will look at the Governor’s guidelines for gym openings and follow them strictly.     Right now that entails non-contact social distancing Outdoor Classes that begin Mid-June. 2. We will continue with Zoom classes from the dojo for overseas folks and those that are tied Read More

What the heck does all this mean? 沖縄小林流空手道 志道館 Generally, Kanji, or the use of Chinese characters in Japanese writing provides many meanings depending upon what other words are used with it. Plus, many of the sounds we hear mean different things. Think how hard it is for people to differentiate between spoken “to, too, Read More

Here are some Japanese words used in the dojo: Kiyoski (Attention) at the beginning and end of class. (Note: Kowalski is a Polish Sausage Company!) Seiza (formal kneeling posture) Sensei ni Rei (bow to Sensei) or Rei (bow) Onegaishimasu (Please or do me the favor) at the beginning of class or when you bow to another Read More

In Buenos Aires, there is a common saying that there are two types of people in the world; those that can be a waiter in a restaurant and those that can’t. Hopefully, you never get the opportunity to appreciate a waiter task challenged person. It can turn an expected mundane experience into a frustrating nightmare. Read More

Beikoku Shidokan lineage

We are extremely proud of our Shidokan Karate pedigree or lineage. The more I talk with and meet other martial artists the more I realize how fortunate we are to practice Self Defense Karate with Sensei Seikichi Iha. Many martial artists speak in awe of their instructor, or instructor’s instructor, who traveled to Japan and Read More