Naihanchi Kata Gedan Barai

  Why Use Karate’s Hikite (引き手)?   We all do it. Some call it backhand. Some of us know what we use it for in Self Defense Karate. If we are just dancing in our pajamas then we will hear many supposed reasons for doing it. A long time ago and far away when I Read More

Okinawan Karate Dojo

Beer Virus State of Emergency Impact on Hombu Karate Dojo You may have read/seen/heard that Mighigan’s Governor declared a State of Emergency because of the Beer Virus. (Translated as Coronavirus  or Covid-19) Sensei Iha (88 years old) just returned to Lansing by plane from Okinawa last week with 10 masked and coughing Chinese who had Read More

State Department’s Briefing on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Follow this link for State Department Medical Unit’s outstanding briefing for US Embassies and Consulates on the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Link to Coronavirus presentation We will continue to take measures in the Dojo to reduce possible contagion and will update you often. We are concerned about your self defense safety Read More

お正月クラス Oshōgatsu kurasu (New Year’s Class)

Karate Class in the time of Coronavirus Viruses are entities in the boundary between living creatures and inanimate components. They possess no metabolic machinery or capability to reproduce by themselves. They need a compatible host to reproduce by taking over the cellular machinery and forcing it to create virus replicas. Coronaviruses represent a whole family Read More

Alexandria Self Defense Karate

This picture aptly portrays your martial art “Warrior Path” to the top of the mountain. The art of Self Defense Karate is a pathway between self-defense and self-improvement. Thank you, Patrick McCarthy, for that statement’s clarity! Those that practice only self-defense, without awareness of self-improvement, are still at the beginning of the “Warrior Path”. Many Read More