Hi, We have been having a lot of Fun with great success with Outdoor Karate Classes at 10′ Distance with everyone wearing a mask.  People have learned the self-defense movements and we even go over applications, or how to use them.  This has worked out much better than I expected! Plus people enjoy being outside Read More

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Outdoor Classes Resume Saturday, June 20 at 9 AM in the parking lot at 6416 Grovedale Dr., Alexandria, VA 22310 We will follow Virginia social distancing guidelines. Masks will be worn and 10′ will separate all participants during the class. Please maintain a 6′ distance from others before and after class. Everyone will have their Read More

Our Outdoor Classes Begin July 20 at 9 AM.  Outdoor Class Protocol Check-in policy: The parking lot will be our check in point. Please arrive 10-minutes prior to your scheduled class follow 6’ distancing protocol The check in will consist of recording a temperature check (using a digital infrared non-touch thermometer) and taking attendance. We Read More

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How We Protect You from Covid-19 during Classes: 1. We will look at the Governor’s guidelines for gym openings and follow them strictly.     Right now that entails non-contact social distancing Outdoor Classes that begin Mid-June. 2. We will continue with Zoom classes from the dojo for overseas folks and those that are tied Read More

What the heck does all this mean? 沖縄小林流空手道 志道館 Generally, Kanji, or the use of Chinese characters in Japanese writing provides many meanings depending upon what other words are used with it. Plus, many of the sounds we hear mean different things. Think how hard it is for people to differentiate between spoken “to, too, Read More